Dharmakaya Center leadership—staff, board and longtime volunteers—work wholeheartedly to support and advance the Center and its mission.


Executive Director

Frank is an accomplished executive and serial entrepreneur, with a track record of building successful organizations. A long-standing Buddhist practitioner, he has led retreats for personal, professional, and spiritual development in the US and abroad. He is a New York Times best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and has been recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year. Frank believes that success comes from planning, hard work, being customer-centric, and always trying to improve. He is a graduate of Syracuse University with a Dual Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communication and Telecommunications from the S.I. Newhouse School and the Visual and Performing Arts College.

Guest Experience Supervisor

A student of Tibetan Buddhism and decades-long professional in the non-profit sector, Patterson's work with nonprofit organizations stems from a worldview dedicated to a shared mission based on altruism, community, integrity and compassion. Patterson possesses an extensive record crafting programs related to human rights, sacred arts, ethnography, film and dharma teachings. She has held nearly every position found in nonprofits, whether fundraising, membership administration, operations management or human resources. Patterson earned her M.S. in Environmental Studies from Bard College; in addition to English, she is conversant in French and Spanish.

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Facilities Supervisor

Helmut holds a fourth degree black belt in Aikido. He was the youth program director at the Seattle School of Aikido for 6 years and at Two Cranes Aikido for 13 years, as well as a senior adult program instructor. Also an avid whitewater rafting guide, he has organized and led a number of multi-night camping and rafting aikido retreats. He became interested in facilities management in 2009, working at Banya 5, a spa/sauna in Seattle. He has been a student of Trungram Gyalwa Rinpoche since 2006; in 2016 he was asked to serve as the Facilities Manager of the new Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing. 

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Executive Chef

Mamadou brings bright, colorful food that is both flavorful and nutritious to the Dharmakaya Center. He credits an upbringing filled with gardens, apple trees, and chickens for giving him a deep appreciation for nature's gifts—an appreciation he seeks to share through his cooking. An inspired vegan and vegetarian chef, Mamadou is also a student of Ayruvedic dietary principles. Before joining Dharmakaya, he was kitchen manager at Ananda Ashram. There, someone taught him how to clean leeks correctly by quickly rinsing, then cutting into small pieces and floating in a generous bowl of water; he is forever grateful. Mamadou's other interests include music, yoga, tai-chi, poetry, sociology, philosophy, and entrepreneurship.




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TREVANIA DUDLEY HENDERSON                                                   

President & Director 

A solopreneur, Trevania founded her company in 1993 to serve as an outsourced marketing department for small to mid-sized organizations. She brings the Center both marketing and entrepreneurial expertise, as well as extensive non-profit board experience, including chairmanship of two non-profit boards, vice-chairmanship of a third, and twice serving as chair of board governance committees. A devoted student of Rinpoche’s, she regularly helps with retreat organization.

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GARY WHEATON                                                                   

Vice President & Director

With over two decades of specialization in both business and personnel problem solving, Gary brings the Center invaluable experience in the management of staff and organizational design.  His retail and guest management experience is important to the future growth of the Center.  A long-standing student of Rinpoche’s, Gary has also served as a teacher's assistant and five-day retreat leader. Professionally he is a human resources executive with expertise in conflict resolution, people strategies and leadership development.

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KARMA SHERPA                                                                   

Treasurer & Director

Karma brings deep expertise in all aspects of non-profit accounting, including budgeting, forecasting, financial analyses, internal auditing, strategic assessment and cash management. She has extensive knowledge of GAAP, GAAS, Governmental Auditing Standards and SOX compliance, and, critically, a successful track record of developing and administering effective organizational policies and procedures. She is a life-long student of Rinpoche’s.

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ANNA WINKLER                                                                             

Secretary & Director


Anna has been practicing and teaching yoga since 1989, certified through the Sivananda Yoga Organization. Her deep knowledge of and enthusiasm for health and wellness professions and techniques help guide the Center in expanding our course offerings. Her lived entrepreneurial experience helps ensure that the Center sees challenges as they arise and is prepared to meet them. She has been a long-standing student of Rinpoche’s, leads special Tibetan yoga sessions at Rinpoche’s retreats, and is a teacher at the Center.

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JOHN HENDERSON                                                                                      


A veteran of two large-scale entrepreneurial ventures, and past president of a construction company, John has demonstrated success building and rapidly growing organizations. He understands how to build bottom-up infrastructure and strategic initiatives that create organizational value, addressing short term objectives while positioning for long-term success. A student of Rinpoche’s for more than two decades, John also serves as vice president of the Dharmakaya Organization, a board member of Buddhist Relief Services, and is a teacher, teacher-assistant, and retreat leader at the Center.

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Dharmakaya Center For Wellbeing
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