A Mental- & Emotional-Wellbeing Retreat
for Those on the Frontline


Even as we collectively address the day-to-day public health and economic challenges triggered by COVID-19, we must simultaneously prepare for its long-term impact—including the psychological damage wrought by months of fear, anxiety, and stress. In response, the Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing is launching a program for frontline and essential workers; it is also available to others for whom the crisis has caused undue stress and anxiety. Beginning with an immersive retreat, the program provides an array of tools—holistic practices drawn from Buddhism that help build resilience, release tension, develop inner peace, and deepen connection. We hope to provide this as a free service in gratitude to those working to keep our communities safe, healthy, and nourished.


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We offer our campus as a place of healing for those who have suffered most through this pandemic. It is the most powerful way we can think of to support and help hold our community.


We plan to create programs specifically for groups of people who have been hardest hit by this pandemic.

  • Front-line workers: healthcare workers, crisis workers, police officers, fire fighters
  • Essential services providers: grocery and pharmacy workers, public transit workers, delivery personnel
  • Those suffering from the anxiety of unprecedented loss of income
  • Those for whom sheltering in place has caused trauma, particularly victims of domestic abuse


We will create and host a series of two-to-four-day programs designed to give people the space and tools to process what has happened, enabling them to collectively and individually move through their emotions so they can return to their communities with insight and a refreshed sense of self.

Participants will stay on campus for the duration of the program, allowing them to step out of the pressures of their daily lives and immerse themselves in healing.

  • Created in partnership with area organizations, so that each program can be tailored to the needs of a specific group.
  • Led by local trauma and mindfulness experts
  • Limited to 12 guests per program, to ensure one-on-one support. Guests will be housed in private rooms and served three meals a day of fresh, flavorful, farm-to-table, vegetarian food.

While our Meditation Hall is large enough to enable social distancing, we will also hold sessions outdoors in our grass courtyard, weather permitting. We feel being in open air—each person in their own space—will be in itself healing.



The program will include experiential learning, with small-group breakout sessions and large-group discussions. Grounded in ancient Buddhist wisdom practices, it will provide tools to help participants cope and thrive. Topics will include:

  • Grounding
  • Understanding Trauma
  • Stress Reduction
  • Self-Care
  • How to Resource Oneself

We may also develop specialized segments, tailored to the needs of a specific population.



While we would like to offer this program as widely as possible, there are costs involved. Please help us help those who have given so much during this time of global crisis. Every contribution is gratefully received.

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Dharmakaya Center For Wellbeing
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